Slide background Commissioner Tommy Thompson Consistent Effective Knowledgable
Slide background Commissioner Tommy Thompson Consistent Effective Knowledgable

    Commissioner Thompson has served Henderson County as a public servant for over 35 years, first in the capacity as the county Clerk of Superior court (32 years) and during this last term as Commissioner of the 4th District. During his time as Commissioner, Tommy has served as Chairman and is currently serving a second year as Vice Chair.


    Commissioner Thompson doesn’t just tell you what he wants to accomplish. He can point to what he has accomplished too. Having dedicated most of his life to public service in Henderson County, he has an enviable record and never tires of promoting the values he believes in.

WTZQ Interview

Recently, Commissioner Thompson was interviewed on AM 1600 WTZQ about his history and achievements, this campaign and important issues facing Henderson County and the County Commission.

  • Responsibly managed the county budget

    Over the last term, Tommy Thompson worked with fellow commissioners to responsibly manage the county budget while growing our economy at the same time. Thompson and the commissioners have attracted new businesses, kept taxes low and built up the counties reserves.

  • Improved our hospitals

    Worked together with the commissioners to bring the UNC Chapel Hill Hospital system into an affiliation with our county hospital (Pardee).

  • Strengthened our county park system

    Commissioner Thompson understands the importance of our parks as the places where we walk, run, play, and re-connect. He has sought to keep our park system strong for the benefit of all of us.

  • Supports Emergency Services

    Tommy Thompson has always voted to improve Emergency Services for Henderson County. He believes in our local heroes. The Firefighters, Emergency Medical Service personnel, Rescue Squad members, Sheriff and other county employees play a vital role in keeping our county top notch.

  • Attracted good jobs for the county

    Attracted businesses like Sierra Nevada to invest over $100 million into our local economy as well as other employers who provide higher than average wages.

  • Improved Higher Education

    Tommy Thompson helped bring to the county a Wingate University campus to help individuals continue their education.